Time Zone: + 8 hours
Capital: Beijing
Area: 9.596.960 Km2
Population: 1.3 billions
Internet Code: .cn
Phone Code: +86
COTRI Edeluc

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COTRI – China Outbound Tourism Research Institute


COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute is the world’s leading independent research institute for information, training, quality assessment, research, and consulting relating to the Chinese outbound tourism market.

COTRI is a privately organised, independent institute registered in Germany. Besides the headquarter in Heide/Germany, a Chinese head office is based in Beijing and COTRI Country Partners are located all over the world.

COTRI was established in 2004 by its director Professor Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt, a sinologist and tourism expert as well as a researcher with more than 30 years of business and academic experience in Chinese tourism. Merging scientific, cultural and industry knowledge, COTRI cooperates with most leading public and private sector tourism organisations in China and all over the world.

COTRI is the initiator of the prestigious Chinese Tourist Welcome Award, presented since 2004 to businesses and organisations in recognition of exceptional practice in dealing with Chinese Outbound tourists.

In the Tourism sector, EDELUC has been working closely with Turismo de Portugal in promoting this destination in China having organized several events with local stakeholders (travel agents, tour operators, tourism entities, etc.) in Beijing and Shanghai since 2008, year in which EDELUC was awarded the COTRI´s CTW Award.

Since 2014, EDELUC is the COTRI Country Partner in Portugal, Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde.

COTRI is a member of PATA Pacific Asia Travel Association and ETOA European Tour Operator Association.


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March 2021

Azores as a destination for Chinese tourists

Edeluc and Jardim José do Canto Foundation are organizing a Chinese Tourism training session and how to promote and communicate Azores as a destination for this kind of tourists.

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Edeluc represents COTRI

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China Tourism – COTRI’s Launching in Portugal and Training Session, in Lisbon and Oporto, May 29th and 30th.

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EDELUC was awarded the COTRI´s Chinese Tourist Welcome Award

EDELUC was awarded, in 2009, with the Chinese Tourist Welcoming Award by COTRI.

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