Time Zone: + 8 hours
Capital: Beijing
Area: 9.596.960 Km2
Population: 1.3 billions
Internet Code: .cn
Phone Code: +86
Serviços Edeluc

“The XXI Century will be the Chinese century.”
Booz Allen Hamilton, 2004

Through our offices in Portugal, EDELUC is able to assist your company in:

Business setup in China

Once you decide to setup business in China, EDELUC can:

  1. Assist in structuring your investment process and provide advice regarding the best legal and fiscal options;
  2. Assist in negotiation and implementation of acquisitions, mergers or joint-ventures with local players. Identify and deal with the key stakeholders, particularly officials local, regional or provincial government;
  3. Ensure adequate compliance of all legal and bureaucratic duties;
  4. Assist in logistical issues like contracting local collaborators, office rental and additional formalities necessary to the implementation of your business.

Identifying business opportunities
EDELUC’s know-how of the local reality, added to our vast government and business network, allows us to identify your ideal partners and explore new business opportunities through:

  1. Market reports offering a clear picture of the market, its key players, ideal clients, partners and suppliers;
  2. Market reports pinpointing new business opportunities for your company. Organization of business trips to explore the Chinese market and establish contacts with local clients. suppliers or potential partners.

Development of business relationships in China
EDELUC can be your spearhead in China offering you intelligence, identifying the right business partners and facilitating your contact with them and the local authorities.

Your partner in Executive Search
More and more companies that want to expand internationally to China or want to strengthen existing business relations, seek to hire employees with experience and knowledge in Mandarin. Edeluc, with our extensive networking of contacts and databases, ensure solutions to our customers and we recommend people whom we fully trust.


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March 2021

Azores as a destination for Chinese tourists

Edeluc and Jardim José do Canto Foundation are organizing a Chinese Tourism training session and how to promote and communicate Azores as a destination for this kind of tourists.

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Edeluc represents COTRI

logo COTRI

China Tourism – COTRI’s Launching in Portugal and Training Session, in Lisbon and Oporto, May 29th and 30th.

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EDELUC was awarded the COTRI´s Chinese Tourist Welcome Award

EDELUC was awarded, in 2009, with the Chinese Tourist Welcoming Award by COTRI.

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